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the on again, off again release of money american hiker from prison is back on. eye ron now says she can come home for half a million dollars bail. neighbors here shots fired and two people found dead and it happened as family kids play right outside. and the skins open the 2010
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season at cowboys and the mike shanahan era will have a preview of the rivalry. good morning. welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday, i'm sarah simmons. melanie is off today. plus demonstrators rip off pages of the koran in wouldn't -- in front of the white house. much-needed rain is also falling and will it continue as a weekend washout? we'll find out when gwen tolbert down in the weather center. >> good morning. melanie. talking about much-needed rainfall, we could use this and could even use more, but it's not sticking around for very long at well. let's look at live fox 5 doppler radar and show what you we are talking about. most of the rainfall has started to move east of the district. and heading over parts of delmarva, lower southern maryland seeing some of that as well.
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there have been some pockets of heavier rainfall. we're talking from about a tenth to a half inch per hour. but we need this so desperately and it's all associated with a frontal system. a quick look at true view, it is heading along the mid- atlantic. and cloudy skies lingering behind it. temperatures were seasonal yesterday. here is a look at those numbers for you. 80 degrees at national, 79 at dulles and 78 at baltimore. and right now starting off on the cooler to comfortable side. 65 degrees now at d.c. 63 at gaithersburg. 61 at hagerstown. here is what we're talking about today. over cast skies with the showers. pockets of heavier rainfall, a rumble of thunder in a couple of locations earlier today. but we'll see this taper off as it continues to push through to the east. we still have the front to come through yet. this is all ahead of the front. so a sprinkle or two is
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possible. 72 degrees is the daytime high but things are looking great for the kickoff for the redskins. back to you. d.c. police need your help to track down a killer. a man was found shot in a parking lot outside of an apartment building in the 2400 block of hartford street this morning. the person later died at a local hospital. if you have any information you're asking to give d.c. police a call. a disturbing scene in maryland. two people killed inside their home as their children played outside. neighbors say they heard shots at 6:00 last night on bonnie bridge place. that is near ellicott city, maryland. we're told a couple was living there with three children and one of the kids found the bodies. so far police are not identifying the victims but only saying it appears they suffered from traumatic injuries and there is no indication the killings were random. and a murder suspect who
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escaped from police custody. officers believe paul palmer is heading toward west virginia. he may be traveling with a woman in a 2008 silver kia spectra with tag number iewb 10. they are using a donut spare tire. in iran it appears a captive hiker will come home soon. she will be released on half a million dollars bail but we don't know when. iran first announced she would rebe released to mark the end of ramadan and backtracked today. a senior prosecutor is confirming she'll be released for health reasons. she's been denied treatment for a lump in her breast. she still faces spying charges. >> we are as americans, to renew our sense of ommon purpose, to say that we denine
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the character of our country. the president remembers the lives lost on 9/11. the president spoke in arlington where family members came together to celebrate the memories that live on. jennifer davis has the story. >> reporter: in the shadow of the pentagon under bright and sunny skies, the president and defense secretary joined 200 families to remember a day nine years ago when the world as we all knew it was forever changed. >> on a day much like this, the calm of a clear september morning was shattered by the worst act of terrorism in our nation's history. >> reporter: the president layed a wreath in memory of those who died that day. and while he didn't mention the controversy swirling around a florida paster who planned to burn the koran, he did appeal to the nation to honor the memory of those killed on 9/11 by valuing diversity and tolerance. >> as americans we are not and
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never will be at war with islam. it was not a religion that attacked us that september day, it was al-qaeda. >> reporter: once the official ceremony wraps up, the families search for the bench inscribed with the name of their loved one. >> i don't think you can move past the sadness. but when i come here, i do feel happy because i do realize that people are coming here and remembering. >> reporter: rebecca dolan was just a teenager when her father who worked in the pentagon was killedin on 9/11. one woman worked at the pentagon and was killed here on their 25th anniversary. >> it's something you have to cope with. you can't get over but you have to deal with it. >> reporter: many are honoring their loved ones with new memories. >> to me, that memory of the
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fire and the flames is fading from my mind and the miamiory that comes -- and the memory that comes stronger every year is when people are walking around, sitting on the benches, reflecting. >> reporter: jennifer davis, fox 5 news. >> jane joseph, jr.,. families read the names of loved ones in the trade center collapse. others wore ribbons in a show of solidarity in new york. in shanksville, pennsylvania, first lady and barbara bush met with families of victims and spoke to a crowd of a thousand. and a pastor who threatened to burn copies of the koran did not go through with his plan.
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arrived -- he arrived with hopes of meeting emam. john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: among the hundreds of tourists visiting in front of the white house on a saturday morning, a rather small group of protestors assembled. four people carrying signs. andrew meacham was carrying a paper back copy of the koran and anti-abortion protestor randall terry believes parts of the koran are hateful and dangerous to nonmuslims. >> the punishment of those who engage against war with ala that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and feet should be cut off on opposite sides. >> we are sawing mohammed is a false prophet, and that is a capital offense and it calls
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for us to be crucified according to koranic law. >> reporter: the protestors tore out a half dozen pages from the koran. they carefully tucked the page news a plastic bag so no one could be accused of littering. police kept watch on the small demonstration and did not disturb it in any way. some tourists stopped only for a moment and went on about sightseeing. others did stand and watch, some in agreement with the anti- koran protest. >> anybody has the ability to read and correct the text and his opinion is based on what he's read so i don't have a problem with it at all. >> reporter: others were troubled by the disrespectful demonstration. >> i just don't think it's right to hate on other religions. i understand the freedom of speech, but i don't think this is necessary. especially on today. >> reporter: about 25 minutes after it started, the protest
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was over. and pennsylvania avenue went back to the tourists. in washington, john henrehan, fox 5 news. and there are report this is morning that two ministers in tennessee burned a koran and but they were members of the media. well it's that time of year we wait all year for, opening day for the redskins. big bragging rights on the line. cowboys face off at fedex field. the burgundy and gold are just trying to rebound. dave ross is here with a preview of the matchup. this is going to be a good one. >> this is going to be fun. whatever cliche you want to say, throw it out there. it is football season. when you kick it off with the cowboys and skins, you name one. i'll give you this one. how about does it get any better than this? and the answer is no. because this rivalry is legend
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airy dating back to 1960. tonight's slash will be the 101st meeting between the two. the cowboys do have a 22 game lead in the all-time series. they've dominated this millenium, winning 14 of the 20 matchups but still one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports and for the skins this is a big test from the getgo. >> that's what the nfl is all about. you can play great competition. it's good to start it off with a bang. we have the boys on week one they're going to show that we're going to bring it and match the intensity. >> it's given us motivation all through camp to prepare to play a great football team. there is no higher level to get ready to play than a night game against the cowboys. the atmosphere will be unreal. i can't wait to get back. >> i don't think anybody can wait. make sure you watch fox 5 at
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11:30. but watch right now. but at 11:30 pregame. and at 12:00, fox nfl sunday. that's network. and then at 4:15 the packers and the eagles. a new coach and quarterback and a different attitude at redskins park. we'll see if that translates into a big win tonight on the biggest stage. >> they haven't had a lot of success against the cowboys. donovan, nor the redskins. >> correct. very astute. >> i do my homework. >> the last two games with the eagles he lost to the cowboys. third game in a row to the cowboys. >> hopefully he's done his homework. >> and hopefully he has a better supporting cast. >> thank you, dave. >> sure. a california community levels by an explosion and flames a thousand feet high. one local neighborhood is fearing the worse. and a man goes on a shooting rampage and police say it started because his wife didn't cook his breakfast right. we'll be right back with those stories. duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer 
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a horrific shooting spree in kentucky. six people are dead, including the shooter, who was reportedly facing eviction from his trailer park because of his to the temper. stanley niece flew into a rage because his wife served him cold eggs. he fired dozens of shots from a 12-gauge shotgun. his wife and child were killed before he turned the gun on himself. ronald w. walters passed away friday night at age 72. he is being remembered as a scholar at howard university and the university of maryland where he was a leading expert on race and politics. on the border with mexico, a car bomb scare from ciudad juarez. a phone tip led police to a parking lot and found a dead
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body in another car. the news comes after 85 inmates escaped from a jail. in a california fire, there are conflicting reports about how many people died. amateur video captured the fire. it left a deep crater in san bruno. barbara boxer toured the charred area yesterday. >> it's really hard to put into words the way you feel when you see a beautiful neighborhood and a whole section of it that just almost disappeared. >> more bodies were found overnight but the report of the number of dead varied from 4-7 this morning. more than 50 people have suffered from injuries and there is an associated press report out that four people were found dead. and sparking fear from residents in loudoun county, virginia.
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they say the smell of natural gas has been lingering in their neighborhood for days now and as roz plater reports, many residents aren't sleeping at night. >> reporter: 5:30 in the evening, the odor of gas is strong and neighbors have called for help. it's the second time in 12 hours and they tell us the same scenario has played out over and over again this summer. >> we've called 911 because we're scared for our lives. we've had neighbors where they've been blown up and we're scared for our lives and we don't feel they are doing anything to help us. >> reporter: fearing the deadly explosion and fire in san francisco. >> we all made the instant connection that oh, my gosh, this could be us. at any given time you don't know. >> reporter: the fire department shut down one section of the development so they could go door to door to use meters to check the level of gas in the home. >> we're always cautious and check as much as we can with as much of the advanced equipment
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that we can. but if we're not detecting the gas on the meters that we have, then it makes it hard for us to find where it's coming from. >> reporter: and where it's coming from is what neighbors want to know. some suspect it's tied to new construction in their ashburn development, construction they say began at the same time as the gas leaks. we spotted gas workers shutting off gas to some homes. a company spokesperson said the area is safe. but for the families that live here, that may not be good enough. they've had to leave their homes in the middle of the night one time too many. >> we want to know what the problem is and when it will be fixed. every week we smell gas and then they come back. people around here aren't sleeping well. >> reporter: roz plater, fox 5 news. >> an illinois based gas distributor is warning people in 12 states that some propane deliveries may have lacked
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enough of an odor ant to alert to possible leaks. old sable liquid products say they have stopped shipments pending investigation. and there are two big events today and what area you may want to avoid. and a trend, from mini coopers to smart cars, smaller cars are flying off the dealerships. we'll take a look coming up. 
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after four years, adrian fenty is now apologizing. he never apologized for giving control of $82 million in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive.
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a traffic alert if you're planning on heading to the national mall today. there are two events in the area. first is the 5th annual nation's triathlon from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. areas around the tidal basin are effected by that. and there is a taxpayer march on washington and starts at the monument and goes to the capitol. and fairfax county police kicked off a major enforcement effort targeting distract the drivers and that includes people texting. officers say it's hard to
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enforce virginia's ban on texting while driving. so they are relying on other laws to nab the distracted drivers. well it may not be a full- scale invasion, but as you drive around town, you are seeing more and more of them. the smaller car trend is gaining popularity and now chrysler is jumping into the game too. mike warren takes a look into the small car boom. >> reporter: they may be smaller in size, but they do have a tendency to stick out. and that's just fine with the people who sell smaller cars. >> smaller vehicles and more affordable cars are moving off the lot faster. one factor obviously that we can't ignore is affordability and the other thing is fuel economy. >> reporter: and the mini brand adds another factor. style and performance. >> we don't have an attitude. it's wearing off of bigger is better. you have a serious trend heading toward the smaller vehicle and people that would typically go look for a tahoe
8:25 am
or an suv or something larger have no problems walking in the door now and driving a smaller vehicle. >> reporter: the numbers at this mini dealership have been pretty impressive. they say they sold 100 cars in the first 37 days they were open. and business is also good on the more economical end of the small car spectrum, the smart car. >> year-over-year we're seeing a 20% increase in sales. biggest problem with the smart car is not getting enough of them. they're beefing up production and we hope to have that fixed next year. >> and chrysler is getting into the small car game with the fee at 500. this is video from the website. the car will sell late this year with dealerships in 41 states. so is there a certain segment of the population that is buying smaller? >> we see people that have cars and come in and purchase the smart car thinking it will be a second form of transportation and it ends up becoming their primary form of transportation. >> it's clear where the future
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of vehicles are heading and where they will stay. and that's why we made this significant investment for this dealership. >> reporter: in austin, texas, mike warren, fox news. well here are some stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. tomorrow two of hip-hop's biggest names will kick off the first concert at the new yankee stadium. jay z and eminem are headlining at the new ballpark. and the president will honor student athletes. the president is welcoming student athletes from dozens of schools around the white house with congratulations on their accomplishments on and off the field. and voters from maryland and new hampshire will be heading to the polls. and friday the g.o.p. heads to iowa for the reagan dinner. the salute to freedom event will feature a speech by sarah palin. one of the big primaries here in our area on tuesday, the race for mayor in the
8:27 am
district. mayor fenty and chairman vincent gray are getting in 11th hour campaigning. leading democratic candidates had their final head to head confrontations on friday. recent polls show gray leading fenty. thousands have cast their ballots since early voting began august 30th. and republicans say the new spending plan is nothing more than another stimulus package that will lead to more debt. fox news sunday gets answers from the president's new top economic advisor and we'll get a preview. plus the rain has already started to fall. gwen is back with a look at what we can expect for the rest of the day and a weekend preview. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ai
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people are angry. if the republican leadership is prepared to get serious about doing something for families
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that are hurting out there, i would love to talk to them. >> president obama rolled out his new economic plan this week with an emphasis on an additional $50 billion for infrastructures and tax breaks for businesses. what happens as the mid-term elections fast approach? chris wallace is the host of fox news sunday and joins us again with a preview of today's program. good morning, chris. >> good morning, melanie. >> the first stimulus set aside $40 billion for road construction and half of the money is out the door and there is still money left. but how much of this is proposals and how much is politics. >> most of it is politics. and the spending, $50 billion for infrastructure, that won't get passed by congress. this is about the fact that the economy isn't going well.
8:32 am
administration trotted out this idea of the summer of recovery and the economy lost over a quarter million jobs over the summer so they need a new narrative to take to voters in november and that's this new plan with $50 billion in spending and targeted tax breaks for business. i think they think the republicans will block it. they can see these were even republican ideas and they won't go for them and they have to have something to talk about. and i think that and the argument over the bush tax cut. >> and you'll be talking with all of thein goolsbee and he is very interesting. he's described as a free market guy. he opposed the auto bailout, so do you think his thoughts will have any impact in the future economic plans coming out of the white house. >> you have to figure. the president chose him to be a top economic spokesperson along with geithner and larry summers. goolsbee is very impressive. there is no question he'll be a top advisor and as you just
8:33 am
mentioned in some of the things that he's been for and against, some he'll win and some he'll lose. >> and we want to get to the power player of the week and i know that we're both fired up because of the new season and you got to talk to mike shanahan. >> i don't know that i'm fired up. i got this t-shirt that said fight for old d.c. and on the back it says beat dallas. but yes, the power player of the week is mike shanahan. we went out to redskins park and interviewed him. and the highlight for me is as the players came off the field and as i'm standing around with the writers, derek dockery points and he goes i watch you and we're looking around and i look behind me like who is he pointing to and i come over and
8:34 am
it turns out, that fox news sunday, derek docker will probably be watching, he's a fan of the show. >> and we're big fans. thanks for your time this morning. >> you bet. >> newt gingrich is also a guest this morning. and job conditions across the region are starting to impact farmers. at butler's orchard in montgomery county, maryland, they are seeing fewer pumpkins on the 20 acres. a vine that might have eight pumpkins on it only has about five and that is not good with halloween approaching. but we did get relief this morning. is it too little, too late? gwen, tolbert, what do you think? >> i hope it's not too little too late. this is the day where we're getting rainfall that we've needed for such a long time. let's look at radar. it's moved through quickly from overnight to this morning, as far as the district and surrounding neighborhoods are
8:35 am
concerned. and now it's over the bay and areas of delmarva. but there were some packets -- some pockets of heavier rainfall and a rumble of thunder in different spots. the rain stretching up and down the mid-atlantic, we're seeing cloudy conditions behind it all and we do expect to see things dry up a little bit into the course of the evening. so let's go to the weather maps. here is a look at current temperatures at the airport. 62 at dulles, 63 at baltimore. and by this afternoon we'll be under cloudy conditions and then we'll start to see the skies clearing later. but things look like they'll be improved in terms of the drier conditions in the -- and the wet weather in terms of the all- important game. i don't think i need to say which one we're talking about. back to you. in the custom home building, more and more homes are coming with two-bedroom suites. is this a healthy move for
8:36 am
marriage. and redskins and cowboys, where does it rank among rivalries in sports. dave feldman and wisdom martin battle it out when we go off the wall.
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it's time for a mayor who will end the cronyism and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city.
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well you may be surprised but studies show one in four american couples sleep apart and now home builders are listening. new homes are coming with two master bedrooms. so what is behind the new trend and is it the right thing to do? john donnelly reports. >> this master suite. >> reporter: and the customer is always king and sometimes they want to sleep apart. home builder jim frankel said that's the case now more than ever. >> probably four to five years, the trend has really become very, very noticeable. people wanted at least a second bedroom that is as nice or almost as nice as the master.
8:40 am
>> reporter: he said multiple master bedrooms are a standard design feature in all of his homes. he even design homes with doors to the outside, called casitas. is this the high end home? think again. >> the american home builders association estimated by 2015, 60% of all custom homes will be built like this. we're hearing about couples wanting separate bedrooms because of different work schedules and sleeping issues, snoring, twitching, sleep apnea, problems to fit in one bed or one room. does sleep expert dr. todd tick like the idea of separate bedrooms? >> no. it's much easier and cheaper and better in the long run to treat the issues that necessitated the building of this exile room, as i call it.
8:41 am
>> reporter: but don't expect the exile room to go into exile any time soon. >> i do not see this as a fad, i see it as a long-term trend. >> reporter: remember, the customer is always king and queen. john donnelly, fox news into tonight the burgundy and gold kick off a new season with a new hope and new regime. and more on the skins-cowboys season opener when we return. and what kind of weather can we expect come game time? and i know you have your game gear on. >> and i am totally get it on. i am very prepared. and i'm serving up some good weather as far as the game is concerned. >> we like it, gwen. we'll have the details coming up after the break. stay with us. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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[ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. some of the top stories we're following, a prosecutor
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in iran said authorities are ready to release american hiker sarah shard. she's been held on spying charges. iran is releasing her on $500,000 bail because of health problems. two people were found dead in a home in ellicott city, maryland. neighbors heard shots around 6:00 last night at a townhouse. the family was living there with three children. so far police are not identifying the victims but said it does appear they suffered from traumatic injuries. well the weather was very interesting. it woke me up at like 3:00 or so this morning. that was a big thunderstorm that rolled through here. >> i didn't hear a thing. i worked last night until 11:15, i was in a dead sleep. but there were some thunderstorms last night. and you're absolutely right. and you know what, we so need this rain. i'm telling you, i'm so glad we have it. and i know the farmers are very, very happy that we finally have it. and here is a live shot
8:46 am
outside. you can see that it's still hazy. we have a bit of drizzle in some of the areas. a lot of it has moved out of the area and headed more to the east. and we do expect to continue to see that into the course of the day. so we are going to get improvement. but we are happy that we are getting all of this much-needed rainfall across the area. so let's keep our fingers crossed that we get more before it's all said and done in the course of the week. temperatures near seasonal. not very cool and warm and we now have hur fourth hurricane of the season. igor is now a category one hurricane. we'll talk about that as well. and a pleasant week ahead as we move into the workweek for you. temperatures as far as we'rconc pretty close to seasonal. and that was the story yesterday. 79 at dulles, 80 at reagan national and 78 at bwi. and starting out this morning, not too bad. our temperatures into the 60s everywhere. we have 64 at d.c. 63 at
8:47 am
dulles, 63 at martinsberg and 64 to the south at fredericksberg. but let's take a look at hurricane -- or i started to say tropical storm but it's now a hurricane. hurricane igor is right here. and as we zoom in, you can see it's getting a defined eye. cat gore we one hurricane but it is expected to intensify over the next 72 hours so we'll watch this closely. moving to the north, northwest and expect it to continue in that trend and then take a turn. so it does bear watching. now let's see what is happening here at home as we take a look at radar. our fox 5 live doppler showing you for the district and surrounding neighborhoods, some of the wet weather out of the way. but look at delmarva. a swath of rainfall but it is much-needed. we had pockets of heavier rainfall. melanie mentioned we had a few thunderstorms last night. and let's look at true view. this is up and down the eastern
8:48 am
seaboard and behind it we're seeing lingering clouds or so. let's go to the weather maps then. so as we see that -- i'm sorry, we're back to the track of igor. well we'll get past this and go to the maps. there we go. as we see the showers gradually ending into the course of the day, we'll be left tonight with cloudy skies and partly cloudy skies and by tonight clearing. a ridge of high pressure sets up up -- us up for the week where we'll see sunshine. and so game time we are talking partly cloudy skies, a little cool so you are going to want to take a jacket. around 68 degrees. but it will be dry by game time. and as far as the tailgaters are concerned, you'll do well because things are getting improved for you. so for today, showers gradually ending and cloudy, 75 degrees, a southeasterly breeze at 5 miles per hour and tonight partly cloudy and clearing. fog laden and 60 degrees. a wind from the northeast and then shifting to the northwest
8:49 am
at 5 miles per hour. and here is a look at your day planner here, where we'll see by midday we'll be around 71 degrees. no shortage of cloud coverage there. but by 4:00 we see the improvement. and into the week, not bad at all. take a look at this. we'll end up seeing sunshine into the course of the week. it looks like something could kick in later on in the week but the good news is, game time, guess what we have for you, very nice conditions. take it away. back to you. >> nice catch, gwen. it is a weekend we have been waiting for. the start of a new season and what some hope to be a new era for redskins. we have a new coach, shanahan, and a new quarterback, led by mcnabb and the team hoping for a big win at home to start the season off right. but first they have to right some wrongs against the cowboys. right, dave. >> and they've had a lot of
8:50 am
wrongs. tonight it will be the 101st meetings between the archrivals. and if you've seen them, you're a little older than me and you've had your heart ripped out on more than one occasion. lately the cowboys have been doing the ripping. they swept a year ago and had the audacity to shut out the skins here at fedex field. and the skins didn't score a single touchdown two years ago and a new comer to the rivalry understands just what the fuss is all about. >> the first thing they said is you know how we feel about dallas? and to be the first sunday night game of the season, home game here at fedex field, it's a huge game. and you can already feel the -- the atmosphere here.
8:51 am
and virginia tech comes off a loss to boise state. there is no way they're going to lose to james madison, right? that's wrong. and hokies up 7-0 and everything is right in the world. but mickey matthews is so upset and takes his coat off in the rain. he doesn't care. and in the fourth his team would respond. say it ain't so, hokie fans. james madison came to your house in blacksburg and beat you 21-16. it's the first win in seven tries. virginia tech was once talking national championship and now they are 0-2. and so will ralph friedgen and maryland be on the upset alert? morgan state in town. the first two the two schools have played in state. and morgan -- morgan state is division two. and this is the screen to anderson. he's gone. shot like a cannon.
8:52 am
and then it gets worse for the bears. dixon intercepted by hartfield and that is a pick. and maryland rolls 62-3. and football of a different kind north of the border. d.c. united visiting toronto. it's julius' james first goal. and d.c. united get their win 1- 0. good job for the red and black. tonights game spurring another great debate with yours truly and wisdom martin which we like to go off the wall about this team every week. >> it's the redskins and the cowboys, you can believe it? >> i can believe it. i can't wait for it. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> are you sure you're ready? >> i'm ready. >> and is the skins-cowboys,
8:53 am
the best rivalry out there? >> no doubt. not only this the -- is this the best rivalry, it's better than the yankees-red sox and it's the greatest going back to -- >> michigan and ohio state. >> the only one that comes close is north carolina and duke in basketball. and when you're a little by you play cowboys and indians. >> i hate to agree with you. the only one that is bigger is dave ross and wisdom martin. that is the biggest rivalry week in and week out. >> that's true. but we don't have the history. >> but we're building some history. >> some bad history. that's something to agree on. >> and then to the next topic. >> i forgot what the next topic is. >> and you're off the wall. >> college football versus pro- football. which sun is better? how about that. >> that is a good one. i think we'll disagree. the college football pure tans
8:54 am
out there will tell you that every week it means something because there is no playoff system. i don't buy it at all. the nfl is king and the reason why is at the end of the year we know who is best because we have a playoff. don't agree with me. >> it's going to be a sad day because i'm going to agree. with the nfl, you're right, it is king. >> it is king. >> and in the nfl, you know who is number one. and there is this bcs and that's what it is. >> take out the c and it's b.s. >> the coaches can cheat and move on to another team and the players get punished. i'm harping on college football. >> but the pleasant is, as you said, because you were saying that i was right. i'm normally right here. if you disagree with wisdom, you agree with me. go to and tell us
8:55 am
how wisdom martin screwed this up. he forgot the topic. >> i'm a professor this week. >> last week you were a doctor and now your a professor. >> see you next week from the professor's spot. >> i love wisdom and i hate to agree, but we did agree. it is the greatest rivalry. >> and the thing about rivalries that i say about the alleged duke and maryland rivalry, but it's only a rivalry if the teams care. do the cowboys care? >> they are passionate. >> it also means that the other team wins a fair amount of time. so the redskins need a couple of more to spoke it back up. if they win tonight, rivalry back up to number one where it should be. and speaking of other
8:56 am
rivalries. a barnburner in miami. did champ joey chestnut persevere? we'll have the results when we return. %
8:57 am
8:58 am
well it turned into a hot and spicy affair. the burrito eating cob test at the -- contest at the new
8:59 am
mexico state fair. they were stuffed with beef, beans and green chilis. he bested the previous record of 33.5 seconds. and he gets to take home a whopping $1,500 for the win. >> and $1,500 and all of the burritos you can eat. we'll take a quick look at radar and show you most of the rain has moved out, but as we go to the weather maps, things are improved. we're looking at partly cloudy skies tonight. 63 degrees. you might want a jacket out there. we have plenty of sunshine and seasonal temperatures. and it's going to be great. >> melanie and i thought you were going to drop the ball. >> let me tell you something. we were worried about the clicker. >> i am a multi talented woman. i bet

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